Over 9000!

This blog has officially hit over 9000 hits today, and by the time I finish writing this post will probably have received 10,000.

I would like to specifically thank the posters of 4chan.org, the Men’s Rights reddit section, and innumerable Facebook users.

Do I get to be a meme now?

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7 Responses to Over 9000!

  1. Really? Our high for the year was 57,377 hits.

    • So, you’re saying that men’s fear of “feminist” “anti-male” conspiracies/efforts is highly disproportionate to the political or social power of feminists (even assuming we were all engaged in “anti-male” activities)?

      Yeah, I can easily buy that.

  2. amanduh80085 says:

    Why have you disabled the comment section on this post: “A Man Is a Rape-Supporter If….”?

    • Because that thread alone had over 300 comments still in the moderation cue last night (and those are the ones that didn’t get auto-spammed). I knew I’d already be spending the entirety of my breaks today writing today’s post and going through those comments, and it’s not as if there were too many unique or original comments. I’m almost through the comments still in moderation, and I think I’ve addressed just about everything which had been brought up.

      Other than, you know, the oft-repeated wishes that I would be raped and/or murdered. When I get a chance I think I might go through and tabulate them, figure out what my exact rape/death wish per page hit ratio was. Now, that’s page hits mind – not unique visitors – but I got something like 13,000 page hits and it looks like about 600 rape and/or death wishes judging from the number of post notification emails I saved in that folder from yesterday.

  3. kurukurushoujo says:

    (Embed, please, embed!)

    Everytime I read something by MRAs I am reminded of this sketch. Most depressingly, they have yet to evolve to the “Let’s not call them anything, let’s jsut ignore them”-stage.

  4. kurukurushoujo says:

  5. nuclearnight says:

    On youtube the arch misogynist user “theamazingatheist” did a video where he reads from your blog. He has over 100,000 subscribers. He’s come after me before. Congrats on kicking ass.

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